Tim Williamson

Executive Chef

Tim has been with the Lafayette Country Club since 2008 and was previously the Executive Sous Chef.  He took on the position of Executive Chef in 2015 after demonstrating excellence in kitchen management, food presentation, creative menus and an overall dedication to producing high quality dishes.  Previously, Tim was the kitchen manager at Outback Steakhouse for 5 years perfecting his management and quality control skills.  He brings the percision of product control to the finess of fine dining here at the club.  We look forward to the knowledge and creativity he brings to all areas of our Club.

Lafayette Country Club
1500 South Ninth Street
Lafayette Indiana
(765) 474-3461


The Lafayette Country Club is an oasis nestled in a wooded area in the center of town. It offers its members and guests a nearby vacation spot, a haven from the demands of everyday life. From its inception.

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