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I (We) accede to the proposal of my (our) name(s) for membership in the Lafayette Country Club, Inc.; and make the following statements in connection therewith.

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General Info

Full name of applicant(s) (If married, please list complete information for both husband and wife; if unmarried, please fill in applicable sections.)

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Children under 18

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Children over 18
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Misc and Finalize

If accepted into membership, I (we) agree
to be governed by the Articles of Incorporation, 
By-laws, and Rules of the Lafayette Country Club, Inc. 
as they are now or as hereafter amended.

By entering my/our name(s) below, we agree to the following:

  • All statements above are correct and true to the best of my/our knowledge.
  • My/Our names, below, may be accepted as if we manually signed this document.
  • I/We agree to make the payment of the applicable initiation fee, if any, in a timely manner (which will be refunded in the event that the application is not approved). NOTE: Check or Credit Card is accepted. 

Lafayette Country Club
1500 South Ninth Street
Lafayette Indiana
(765) 474-3461


The Lafayette Country Club is an oasis nestled in a wooded area in the center of town. It offers its members and guests a nearby vacation spot, a haven from the demands of everyday life. From its inception.

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