Matt Williamson

Director of Maintenance

The word dedicated can not even come close to describing Matt and his role at the Lafayette Country Club.  He started at the Club in 1979 and has served in every position except General Manager. He is the unseen force that keeps this 100 year old Club up and running day after day. Matt started on the grounds crew and worked there for a few years until he was called into the kitchen. He really enjoyed the new experiences and learning from then Executive Chef Victor Bagan. Matt worked his way up from line cook to the position of Executive Sous Chef and also served as interim Executive Chef on four different occasions. In 2000, during a pivotal transition in the Club, Matt was asked to take over responsibilities for maintenance of the club and as usual he took a heads on approach.  Never one to turn down a request for help, Matt still helps out during all of our large events, whether it is in the kitchen cooking or out running a buffet line. Nothing happens in this club without Matt having a hand in it, we are truly lucky to have him as a vital part of this Club.

Lafayette Country Club
1500 South Ninth Street
Lafayette Indiana
(765) 474-3461


The Lafayette Country Club is an oasis nestled in a wooded area in the center of town. It offers its members and guests a nearby vacation spot, a haven from the demands of everyday life. From its inception.

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